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wednesday september 11th


11:00 - 11:30 am

The Benefits of Pneumatic Systems in Plastics Recycling

This technical conference addresses the transformative impact of pneumatic systems in the plastics recycling industry, highlighting solutions by Kongskilde. The session demonstrates how these systems enhance material handling, increase energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs, contributing to more sustainable and profitable recycling operations. This presentation will offer valuable insights for recycling professionals and business leaders looking to leverage this cutting-edge technology.


Vince Luchison

Regional Manager – Southeast USA, Mexico, & Latin America

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Trays: New PET recycling frontier

The increase in the overall amount of thermoformed PET trays in the post-consumer PET bottle stream is leading major recyclers and bottlers to require the separation of PET trays from the bottle stream.


Víctor Muñoz

Commercial Agent for AMUT

Victor Muñoz graduated as an industrial engineer from Tec Milenio University. From a young age, he was connected with plastics, growing up in an environment where he watched his father build companies from scratch. Years later, family decisions led to the creation of INEVI Industrial Solution, an engineering firm involved in national and international projects related to the use and recycling of plastics. Since 2024, Victor has been appointed as the representative of AMUT in Mexico and Central America, focusing on expanding waste separation and plastic recycling projects. He also provides technical support across the Americas to enhance service to clients and potential clients

12:00 - 12:30 pm

Cómo mantener el ciclo activo: lucir fresco y preparado para un próximo ciclo de vida

Everyone in the industry knows there are complex issues with regards to the availability, affordability and consistency of high quality clear rPET.  How can the industry deal with these issues alongside mandated increases in rPET usage?  Despite sounding counterintuitive, there are additives to help revitalize the rPET stream without compromising the next round of recycling.  Learn more about available options to not compromise a company’s brand visual image.


Emily Fisher

R&D for Holland Colours

Emily has worked for Holland Colours for 26 years, the majority of which has been in research development.  Her experience includes silicones, outdoor weatherable vinyl and colorants and additives for the PET bottle industry.  She holds degrees in Chemistry and Spanish from Hanover College in Indiana.  Outside of work, she is active in dance and the Scouting movement.

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12:30 - 1:00 pm

Improved Processability and Mechanical Properties in Recycled Plastic Compounds Through the Incorporation of Additives

Plastic recycling is a process through which plastic waste is recovered and reused as raw material that can re-enter the same production system or be used to produce new compounds and/or products. Today, there are multiple uses for recycled plastic and the products that can be created from it, including packaging, films, clothing, and more. There is a great diversity of plastic items that are manufactured today with recycled plastics. This talk will discuss how the use of additives in the formulation of recycled material compounds can significantly improve their processability, enhance compatibility, and thereby improve their mechanical properties, all with the goal of increasing the use of a larger amount of waste plastics and thus also being able to manufacture a greater number of high-quality plastic items.


Hugo Cerón

Technical Sales Manager at BYK Chemie de México

Hugo Cerón is an Industrial Chemical Engineer specialized in polymers, graduated from ESIQIE - IPN. He complemented his education with diplomas from CIQA and the Plastic Business Center, and a recent MBA from UNITEC. He has worked in multinationals such as Ferro Corp., Merck, Brenntag, A. Schulman, and PolyOne, performing roles in quality control, masterbatch formulation, and technical sales. He is currently the Technical Sales Manager at BYK Chemie de México, focused on plastic additives.

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