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Manzana 3 lote 6 Parque Industrial Exportec 1 Toluca, Edo. De México, 50200

ALPLA es líder global en envasado de plástico rígido, proporcionando soluciones innovadoras para una amplia gama de sectores. Con más de 30 años de experiencia en reciclaje, contribuyen al ciclo sostenible del plástico. Fundada en 1955 en Austria, mantienen su compromiso con la confianza, el respeto y la fiabilidad hacia empleados y clientes. Su propósito es ofrecer soluciones para una vida sostenible, segura y económica a nivel mundial.

  • Botellas

  • Preformas

  • Tapas

  • Contenedores industriales



16 – 28100 NOVARA

AMUT, established as a family company in 1958, is a major provider of state-of-the-art recycling and extrusion technologies. Operating globally, it delivers custom-engineered solutions through AMUT Ecotech and AMUT Extrusion divisions.

AMUT Ecotech specializes in the design and construction of plastic recycling plants, for PET/HDPE/PP bottles, containers and PE film. Being placed on a unique position in the plastic waste recycling field,AMUT offers the front-end integrated sorting section and high-tech washing turn-key plants, with optimized design and engineering, as well as extrusion lines to process flakes into pellets.

The division portfolio extends to facilities for the waste recycling industry, including material recovery from post-consumer waste, plastic recovery from post-consumer plastics and Industrial and household waste sorting and recovery.

Having designed and built hundreds of plants around the world, AMUT has the flexibility and competence to deal with any specific project requirements. AMUT is proud to have a clientele that is made up of “world class” corporations; a proven evidence of the Company’s excellent reputation overseas.

  • Washing plants for PET/HDPE/PP bottles and containers;

  • Washing plants for PE film;

  • Plastic recovery facilities from post-consumer plastics;

  • Material recovery facilities from post-consumer waste;

  • Industrial and household waste sorting and recovery facilities and equipment;

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logo bernal editable.png

Bernal Industrial

En Bernal Industrial Nos enorgullecemos de brindar soporte local completo (ventas consultivas técnicas, servicio y soporte) en Mexico desde 1996.  En nuestras instalaciones de Querétaro ofrecemos:

  • Presentaciones de tecnología

  • Seminarios de capacitación

  • Equipo de demostración

  • Servicio a Equipo

1. RZ_Britas_Logo_OH.png

BritAS Recycling

Anlagen GmbH,

Moselstr. 50, 63452

Hanau, Germany

BritAS fabricante de tecnologías de filtración de banda completamente automática para operación de materiales de post consumo y post industrial. La muy reconocida serie ABMF es el sistema de filtración mas eficiente en el mercado. Para materiales post industriales BritAS ofrece la tecnología de cambia mallas de pistón.

  • ABMF – Automatic Band Melt Filter

  • CMF – Continuous Piston Screen Changer

  • DMF – Discontinuous Piston Screen Changer

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BYK Additives Logo 2.jpg

 BYK es un proveedor líder mundial de productos químicos de especialidad. Los aditivos innovadores y las soluciones diferenciadas de BYK optimizan las propiedades de los productos y materiales, así como los procesos de producción y aplicación. Los aditivos BYK mejoran, entre otras cosas, la resistencia al rayado y el brillo de las superficies, la resistencia mecánica o el comportamiento de fluidez de los materiales, así como propiedades como la estabilidad a los rayos UV y a la luz o la resistencia al fuego. En el ámbito del control de calidad, los instrumentos de medición y prueba de BYK sirven para evaluar eficazmente la apariencia y las propiedades físicas.

  • Aditivos para reciclaje (RECYCLOBYK)

  • Aditivos para dispersión (DISPERBYK o DISPERPLAST)

  • Aditivos de acoplamiento (SCONA)

  • Aditivos de proceso (BYK-MAX)

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Unterfeldstrasse 3,

4052 Ansfelden, AUSTRIA

·EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H. has its headquarters in Ansfelden near Linz in Austria and specialises in the development and manufacturing of plastics recycling systems and components. Founded in 1983, the company is now the world market leader. Some 7,000 EREMA recycling systems are now in use worldwide. With subsidiaries in the USA, China and Africa, as well as around another 50 representatives on all five continents, the company has a reliable network to implement customised plastics recycling solutions for customers around the world and promote a circular economy. This is based on innovative recycling technologies for the processing of plastics in the form of inhouse waste, bottle-to-bottle, post consumer and fibres to produce recycled pellets that meet the highest quality specifications.

  • INTAREMA® plastics recycling systems for standard applications and production waste

  • INTAREMA® plastics recycling systems for heavily printed/contaminated post-consumer waste (approved for HDPE recycling)

  • PET recycling systems VACUREMA® and VACUNITE®  ( efsa and brand owner approved, e.g. for bottle to bottle recycling)

  • Inline PET applications (e.g. for fibre, film, strapping and preforms)

  • COREMA® plastics recycling system for the production of highly filled and customised compounds

  • CHEMAREMA® series for mechanical input material preparation upstream of subsequent chemical recycling processes

  • Fully automatic, self-cleaning melt filters

  • Pelletising systems

DuaFil Compact_i1716TVE_LF2_354_TWIN_ST_LF2_406TWIN.393.png

Vecoplan AG

Vor der Bitz 10

DE-56470 Bad Marienberg, Germany

Headquartered in Germany, Vecoplan AG develops, produces and markets machinery and plants for shredding, conveying and processing primary and secondary raw materials gained in recycling processes. With its technologically sophisticated solutions Vecoplan AG belongs to the leading international companies of the industry for more than 50 years.The Vecoplan AG-shredding systems produce homogeneous output material in grain sizes suitable for recycling from production waste, mixed plastics, film, intermediate bulk containers and tubular material. They can even process extremely difficult input material such as highly tear-resistant plastic fibres and fabrics, car airbags, FIBCs, textiles, ropes and cords. Innovative rotor cutters and drives ensure high throughput and homogeneous results at low energy costs.

  • Shredding technology:  VIZ, VAZ, VEZ V, VEZ

  • Conveying technology: VFB, VKU

  • Storage and dosing technology: VTL, VBE, VDB, VZB, Screw conveyor

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