Baerlocher USA, LLC

5890 Highland Ridge Dr,

Cincinnati, OH 45232

Tel. 513-808-0342

The Baerlocher Group of Companies is one of the leading suppliers of additives for the plastics industry, with a history of over 190 years.  Metal stearates, integral as the raw material for calcium and zinc – based stabilizers and acid scavengers for the production of polyolefins, serve as the backbone of our special additive portfolio.  Combining our proprietary resin stabilization technology with lubricants and other additives, Baerlocher provides sustainable solutions for plastics.  At this conference we will highlight our T-blends that are tailored solutions to help improve the quality of polyolefins PCR

  • Additives for recycling

  • Resin stabilizers

  • Metal soaps

  • Acid scavenger

  • Processing aids

  • Lubricants



BritAS Recycling-Anlagen GmbH

Moselstrasse 50, 63452 Hanau, Germany

Ph. +49 6181 9187 10

BritAS manufactures full-automatic belt melt filtration technology for post-consumer and post-industrial operation. The well-known ABMF series is the most efficient filtration system in the market. For post-industrial waste BritAS offers their piston screen technology.

  • Machinery for recycling

  • Recycling equipment manufacturer

  • Filtration technology for post-consumer and post-industrial plastics 



Via Ospitale 44,

Carmignano di Brenta, Padova, Italia 35010

Ph. +39 049 595 7163

Fax. +39 049 595 8096

  • Self-cleaning, automatic melt filters for post-industrial and post-consumer plastic recycling.

  • Screw pump for plastic recycling.

FIMIC is the only company in the market with a range of five different models of automatic melt filters, capable to target highly contaminated plastic materials, especially post-industrial and post-consumer plastics.

  • Guillotines for the cutting of bales and rolls of industrial waste for plastics, rubber and paper recycling.


Gneuss Inc.

10820-G Independence Pointe Parkway

Matthews, NC 28105

Phone: 704 841 7251 ext. 13

Fax: 704 841 7254

Gneuss supplies innovative filtration, extrusion and measurement technology. Our patented MRS extruder offers new possibilities for the recycling of hygroscopic polymers like PET, nylon or polyolefins. Combined with our fully automatic screen changers and quality sensors efficient processing of highly contaminated materials is possible.

SFneos 150 seitlich.png
  • Screen changer

  • Melt filtration system

  • Screens

  • Extruder

  • Multiple screw extruder

  • Pressure transducer

  • Melt temperature sensor

  • Recycling system



5500 N. Mill Heights Dr.

Wichita, KS 67219-2358

+1 316-744-7151

+52 812-511-3242

Founded in 1946, Kice Industries is a fourth generation, family-owned business based in Wichita, Kan. with a team of approximately 300 employees. Kice Industries designs complete industrial air systems and builds most of the equipment specified for these systems. Applications include pneumatic conveying, dust control and aspiration. A multi-industry company, Kice Industries serves the grain, plastics, food, feed, wood and minerals industries. Just north of Wichita, the manufacturing and office facility totals 200,000 square feet on 25 acres. CFM Corporation a subsidiary of Kice Industries is a gray and ductile iron foundry located in Blackwell, OK. The foundry and machine shop is 65,000 square feet on 20 acres.

  • Air Power Units

  • Airlocks

  • Centrifugal Fans

  • Cyclones

  • Diverter Valves

  • Baghouse Filters

  • Kice PD Blowers

  • Multi-Aspirators

  • Pre-Assembled Modular Systems

  • Rotary Drum Screeners

Kice compact filters april 2021.jpg
Kice New-88.jpg
Kice New-48.jpg

M-A-S Maschinen

M-A-S Maschinen

und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH
Hobelweg 1, 4055 Pucking, Austria

Tel. +43 7229 78 999-0
Fax. +43 7229 78 999-10

UID-Nr. ATU 62418958
FN276519 X, LG Linz

Mas is the trendsetter for upcycling plastics with efficient extrusion lines. MAS's unique, internationally renowned twin-screw technology is combined with a modular machine concept. This results in automated production lines from raw material to high-quality pellets. Future-oriented solutions with outstanding application flexibility, combined with integrated process monitoring, enable the highly efficient production of a wide range of high-quality re-components. MAS supports its customers in implementing their design ideas. In addition, customized services optimize the life cycle costs of extrusion lines. Clear vision and lean structures reinforce MAS' sustainability every day, which is an excellent basis for our mutual success.

  • Easy feeding of re-grind, pellets, and low bulk density material

  • Recycling & Compounding in one step

  • Very low specific energy consumption

  • Low temperature, low shear rate 

  • Very gentle intake of additives into the melt, without pressure, without shear! 

  • High throughput with low screw speed

  • Outstanding degassing performance 

  • Drying and clearing in one step

  • Maximum compounding performance with extraordinary flexibility

MAS Maerz16 029.jpg

Nexeo Plastics

1780 Hughes Landing Blvd

Suite 1000

The Woodlands,

TX 77380 USA

Tel. +52 55 47491710

Nexeo Plastics is a leading global thermoplastic resins distributor, representing quality products from world-class suppliers, and serving a diverse customer base across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. From material selection assistance to identifying supply chain and inventory solutions, we go beyond traditional logistics to provide value-added services across many industries, including automotive, healthcare, packaging, wire and cable, 3D printing and more. Learn more at

  • Aurora Plastics PVC with Recycled Content

  • BASF Nypel Recycled Nylon

  • BioLogiQ BioBlend

  • Braskem I’m Green Polyethylene

  • DSM EcoPaXX Nylon 410

  • Eastman Tenite Cellulosics

  • Mocom ALTECH ECO Nylon 6 & 66

  • PolyUSA Repro PS

  • RheTech Rhelon Nylon 6 & 66


Graphic - Nexeo Plastics logo warehouse graphic.jpg

Next Generation Recycling Machines, Inc.

Next Generation Recycling Machines, Inc.

 73 Southwoods Parkway, Suite 150

Atlanta, GA  30354

Next Generation Recycling Machines (NGR) designs and manufactures high performance recycling equipment for extrusion-based repelletizing of plastic scrap materials. Our product line specializes in post-industrial, post-consumer and PET recycling markets. NGR is based in the village of Feldkirchen, Austria. Our US facility in Atlanta, GA USA is the sales and support office for our very important accounts in LATAM

  • Extrusion based repelletizing machines for washed post-consumer plastics

  • Integrated shredder-feeder-extruder lines for clean post-industrial plastics

  • PET recycling lines based on Liquid State Polycondensation for bottle to bottle applications

  • Custom solutions for all polymers including PE, PP, PET, PS, Nylon, PC, ABS, etc

  • Combined systems with specialized melt filters, pelletizers, pumps, tandem filtration, etc.

  • Shredder based systems

  • Compactor based systems

  • LSP reactor based systems

NXT GRAN Frame.jpg
NGR CGRAN Frame 1.jpg
PET Recycling Frame.jpg

POLYSTAR Machinery

No.198, Ansin 2nd Rd., Annan Dist.  
Sinji Industrial Park.  
Tainan City, 709 TW 

Tel. +886-6-2730889

POLYSTAR is a globally recognized plastic recycling machine manufacturer who specializes in post-industrial (in-house) and post consumer recycling of PE/PP packaging film and PP raffia/woven.POLYSTAR makes sure that all of its distributors are equally service-oriented. POLYSTAR provides services worldwide, with representation in Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

4 Eco-X multilayer blown film machine.png
3 Repro-Flex Plus two stage recycling machine.png
2 Repro-One shredder integrated recycling machine.png
1 Repro-Flex plastic film recycling machine.png
Logos_silver_Silver_Schenck Process.png

Schenck Process

7901 NW 107th Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64153

Tel. 816-257-6471

  • Auxiliary Equipment for Material Handling

  • Bulk Material Handling Systems

  • Size Reduction Equipment

  • Filtration Systems

  • Gravimetric Feeders

  • Bulk Bag Unloading

  • Pneumatic Conveying

Schenck Process is a complete global source of highly accurate dry powder pneumatic conveying, bulk bag unloading, milling, weighing and feeding systems with additional expertise in dust collection. 

Pneumatic Conveying.jpg
MCF PowerSaver Dust Collector.JPG
Logos_silver_Silver_Sesotec GmbH.png

Sesotec GmbH

Regener Straße 130

D-94513 Schönberg

Ph. +49-(0)8554-308 0

Fax +49-(0)8554-2606​

Since 1976, Sesotec has been developing and building high-tech solutions for foreign body detection, material sorting and material analysis. Based in Germany, Sesotec is represented by six subsidiaries in Singapore, China, USA, India, Canada, and Thailand, and has over 60 sales partners.

  • Sorting systems for the Recycling Industry

  • Metal Detection Systems

  • X-ray inspection systems

  • Magnetic systems

  • Material analysis systems


Struktol Company of America, LLC

Stow, Ohio

Represented by United Rubber Corpotarion SA de CV in Mexico

Tel. 330-928-5188 (USA)

55 5888 9746/47 (Mexico) (Mexico) (Mexico)

Struktol Company of America has developed unique additives for reclaim/recycled plastics and for materials that contain recycled content.  These products are useful in a variety of different polymers from polyolefins to engineered plastics.

  • Lubricating Processing/Dispersing Aids

  • Compatibilizers

  • Homogenizers

  • Oleic Acid Amides and Antiblocking Agents

  • Antioxidants

  • Odor/VOC Control

  • Viscosity Modifiers

  • Metal Stearates

plastics recycle_633162356.jpg
Additives Gold - orig.jpg
  • Two-Stage Pelletizing Extruder for post-consumer

  • -Plastic Recycling Machine for post-industrial waste

  • Plastic Recycling Machines with cutter-compactor integrated 

  • -Shredder Integrated Recycling Machine